Clothing Size Charts for Women & Men

It’s important to us that we get the right size apparel to you as quickly as possible. We have put together this size chart to help you understand our clothing sizes and to help make the right choice.

First of all the subject of clothing sizes is really complicated. Trust us, we tried to work it all out… Basically, there is no universal sizing guideline because clothes and shoes are labeled using various sizing methods in various countries and it’s also dependant up the manufacturers and brands.

Asian sizes such as China, Japan, and Thailand are smaller than its western countries.

We have put a label on each of the product listings to inform you wether that clothing item is displaying Asian, European or International sizes. Most of our clothes are manufactured in Asia.

If you are ordering an item with Asian sizes please choose two sizes larger.

EXAMPLE: If you wear UK/AUS size 36 jeans then choose XXL as the Asian size. Same with shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses and shorts.

If you have any questions about sizes send us a message on Facebook Messenger or email and we will gladly help you work out the right size for you.

clothing size chart
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